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OAG is an independent South Auckland-based design practice of Bryson Naik, exploring indigenous/alternative modes of thought, process and the inherently unique outcomes they lead to. Less speculative creative solutions, more ceaseless questioning as a means of bringing ideas into reality.

PDF Portfolio available upon request

Bryson Naik is a forklift driver and designer operating at the intersection of pasifika culture, music, and technology.

Besides describing himself in third person, Bryson has collaborated with brands including Nike, Sony Music, Jameson, Red Bull, JUDAH and TVNZ’s Re: News, where he created socially-driven alternate video content covering important issues that affect young New Zealanders.

In his spare time he assists in operating Period7. Period7 is a grassroots community-led initiative whose goal is to increase youth participation in the arts and alleviate inequity within arts education by providing opportunities and access to resources.

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